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+387 33 202 502

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1The Sporticus Medical Center is made up of a team of experts (including external associates) ready to take care of your health at all times with your knowledge, experience, cure and courtesy, respecting the highest standards, the principles of contemporary medicine and the recommendations of the World Health Organization.
Patients’ reception is done in an equipped and warm ambience, where you will always feel comfortable and be welcomed.

The Sporticus Medical Center uses the most up-to-date equipment and knowledge in the field of physical medicine, which enables its patients quick and reliable diagnosis and therapy.

We follow the latest trends and medical achievements, participate in numerous education and seminars in the field of sports medicine, physiatry and rehabilitation, and in the field of conditioning.

You’re in good hands

All exposed areas of the house should be cleaned using a bleach containing a cleaning agent to remove all the germs. It is best to wear rubber gloves during cleaning. Cleaning brushes should be disposed of or sanitized with warm water and bleach before use.