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Overview of Physicians, Physicians and Rehabilitation Specialists includes a general overview and a special section of the review.
In the general part of the examination, the following data from the patient are taken, Anamnesis:
- personal data,
- major problems,
- the present disease,
- Earlier diseases,
- Family history
- psychosocial anamnesis.

The special examination implies an assessment of the patient's functional condition, Status functionalis, when a physician evaluates:
- posture (attitude, posture)
- hod
- active and passive body and extremity mobility
- tonus, trophic and muscle strength by MMT (manual muscle test)
- reflex activity
- sensibility
- anthropometric measures (measures the length and length of the extremity)
- state of peripheral circulation
- daily life test (ADŽ test)

In addition to a clinical examination, additional diagnostic tests should be performed in the medical facilities we are in, such as:

- laboratory tests (examination of blood and urine)
- CT (computerized tomography) ie scanner
- MR (magnetic resonance)
- EDg (electroenceurography - EMNG upper and lower extremities)
- soft tissues and joints ultrasound
- Doppler of the blood vessels of the neck, upper and lower extremities

When necessary, the diagnosis is set up team-by-consultation with the doctor of other specialties: neurologist, neurosurgeon, orthopedist, rheumatologist, vascular surgeon.
After the diagnosis is made, an individual therapeutic plan is made, which is optimal for every patient who includes medications, physical therapies and kinesitherapy.

One of the therapeutic choices is massage, as a form of mechanotherapy, muscle relaxation massage (a special program of our institution), passive and active stretching of the muscles.

Thanks to the progress and development of technology, especially electronics, there is a rapid development of "physical therapy equipment" (electro -, magneto -, photo -, sonotherapy ...). And besides, the "queen" of physical therapy is considered kinesiotherapy - movement therapy!

Today, the biggest trend in therapy is kineziotaping.