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The Kinesius tape (kinesiotape) was developed in 1970 by Dr. Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, based on his own clinical experience, finding that many pains are caused by functional disorders of the muscles and tissue in the joint, and their mutual disruption.

In the first decade, Kinesio tapes were used only by medical practitioners in Japan, but their effectiveness moved the boundaries, and they were soon recognized by and started by physicians of professional sportsmen.
They are very effective for sports injuries and muscle pain. Kinesiotaping reduces the pain by facilitating lymph drainage by lifting the skin by increasing the interstitial space.
It is a technique that uses proprioceptive information for the purpose of achieving therapeutic effect (information coming from skin mechanics receptors). This is a unique method of bonding special kinesiotex strips, resulting in a significant reduction in pain and total volume of motion, as it reduces pressure on subcutaneous pain receptors. Muscle not only has the task of triggering the body, but it must also help control venous and lymphatic circulation, body temperature, etc.

The advantage of Kinesiotaping

The advantage of kinesiotaping is that it can be used from the acute stage of the disease to the ultimate stage of rehabilitation. However, it should not be applied as a prevention to prevent injuries or bad movements, but is effective only when correcting pathological patterns of motion after injury or certain dysfunction.

Another advantage is that this type of therapy is recommended to almost everyone, from childhood to older age, and good results are also demonstrated by professional athletes.

The foundation of this method of treatment is the proper bonding of specially designed body straps.

Are used:

Nowadays they are most often used in sports medicine. First of all, they improve muscle function, eg after muscle breakage, then circulation of body fluids, reduce pain, stimulate joint function because different kinesiotaping setting affects muscle tone, corrects inequalities and asymmetries, resulting in balance in muscle groups. By stimulating the proprioceptor, a better sense of motion is achieved. Kinesiotex strips are also recommended for children with cerebral palsy at the early stage of therapy or in scoliosis, and treating the musculoskeletal system generally improves the health of the patient.

In the Medical Center "Sporticus" we offer Kinesiotaping services, which are commissioned by highly educated employees, especially for sportsmen.